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Thanks for the warm welcome!

We just launched our advising here and received some posts over the weekend speculating on where we source our products as well as questioning our business integrity. We don't intend on engaging with those individuals directly as that would just be a waste of our time and yours. Instead, as a new advertiser we'd like to introduce our business and products to the serious racers who use this site.

We are racers too and have been racing for decades. We've been selling fittings and all types of racing equipment since 1995 at our retail location . We just launched our new web site that focuses exclusively on fittings and hose. We sell XRP, Aeroquip , Earls and Fragola along with our own house brand. We have spent a lot of time developing our house brand and wouldn't sell it if we wouldn't use it.Our house brand is manufactured to specifications and has superior fit and finish. We source our house brand fittings from around the globe and that includes China.

We are adding more fittings and other products to our site as time allows. We do stock XRP and Aeroquip fittings and plan on adding them to the website in the near future.

We stand behind our products 100%. We would not sell any product that we would not use on our own race car! Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We take our business seriously since it how we provide for our families.

If you have questions about our products we can be easily reached Monday thru Friday 8am To 5 pm Eastern time @
302 654-1150.
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