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Below is the description I have in another post that was along with some other stuff I have for sale:

Reher & Morrison 540 Super Series engine, carb-to-pan.

This engine broke the oil pump on the 82nd pass, but no damage was done. It has been completely gone through, honed with torque plates, has new rings and the piston skirts were coated. Both the rod and main bearings were replaced with coated bearings, and we have the old bearings so they can be seen. We replaced the oil pump with a billet pump and the engine has a new MSD distributor and distributor drive shaft. This engine was upgraded with shaft rockers as well.

I will have a video of the engine running on the test stand as of this coming Saturday evening, the 18th and will forward it to anyone that is interested. Engine will remain on the test stand for another couple of weeks, so anyone interested that wants to actually see it run can do that as well. Location is Kokomo, Indiana.

Original price was $11,250 but I've dropped it a thousand to $10,250. I won't give this thing away, but I'm ready to move this motor also.

PM me with any interest and we can go from there. Thanks!

Sean D
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