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Regulator ????

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OK... I almost burned my house & car to the ground tonight.
Warmed the car to set the lash after installing new girdles & when I opened the hood with car running there was fuel leaking from the regulator onto the pass side header.... Looked like freon leaking onto the ground (But onto the header....eeekkk). Shut everything off & checked the diaphram & couldnt see anything wrong with it.. Put it all back together & hit the power to the pump & still fuel leaking out. Sooooo... I decided to get out the basic Holley reg I had all the bad luck with years back & it is acting totally different than it did a few years back... Before it would go totally spastic as soon as the n2o kit was activated... Now it is regulating just fine but creeping to the 18 psi the pump is set at in about a second or 2 after the pump is on......???????? The fuel system is an A2000 pump with a Areomotive 13205 for both the motor & n20 system.. I switched the leaking 13205 on the n20 kit for the basic Holley tonight...... Is it normal for the holley to creep to the pressure of the pump?? It instantly goes to the 6 1/8 I set it to flowing, just not sure if it is going to be totally pig rich as soon as the kit is activated.... The Aeromotive reg would only creep about 1 to 1.5 psi...... Am I going to be ok with the Holley reg creeping to the set psi of the pump????
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not sure if I completely understand your question or not but I use the so called "cheap" holley regs on the nitrous with no problems.
I set them flowing and they are dead headed and work perfect. After the nitrous is activated they go right to where they are suspose to be. A little pressure creap just before activation is not always a bad thing, especially with all the lines you have to fill in a direct port deal.
My thoughts are it will probably be ok, just didnt like seeing the gage on the nitrous fuel reg go to 18 psi.. Thats where the pump psi is set. It does go right to 6 1/8 as soon as the kit is activated. I was just worried that it might damage the diaphram inside the reg being at 18 psi. It is dead headed at the solenoid.

Is it normal for the Holley 12-803 to creep like that?
What do you guys do... Just set it flowing & forget about it after that? I'm trying to feel ok with using this reg Saturday but just not sure.
mine doesnt quite creep that high but I set it flowing and forget about it. Spraying what most guys consider a lot!

It allo depends on perference really. There has been numerous long threads on here about the ordeal and about pressure creep vs. bleed valves, etc.
I think the best thing I could tell you would be, if you have someone that helps with your tune ups and nitrous, do what they want you to do and let it ride. People have been sucessful doing it both ways.
I use SJohnson for my stuff and what he says, I do!
Ive got 2 of the holley regs in front of my magnafuel pump, the motor reg is rock steady and the n2o one is pegged till i hit the kit and it goes instantly to where i have it set....
I had defective nozzles in my fogger kit and fought problems similar to this, when the nitrous was activated it would pressurize the fuel system as well, I never noticed the gauge pegging because I was trying to watch the track and I would have to shut it off early because it didnt run right. Anyway this problem caused multiple broken gauges and leaking fuel pumps and regulators. The nozzles were missing a plug in them apparently, soft plume NOS.
Thanks for the feedback, ran it Sat & everything worked as supposed to. When the kit comes on fuel pressure goes right to where it should.
Thanks for the feedback, ran it Sat & everything worked as supposed to. When the kit comes on fuel pressure goes right to where it should.

thats the way I like it, but thats just me!
thats the way I like it, but thats just me!
I was just worried that it was pegging the gage but the Holley tech gave me the low down on reg function & why it was doing it & hearing you guys see the same results I now have that warm fuzzy feeling to go ahead & leave it on there.... Just wasnt used to seeing that king of pressure on the gage.

Cant wait to get it back out Sat!!!:supz:
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