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posted 7/11/17

Outlaw 10.5 – 1/8th mile racing, 16 car qualified field provided there is 14+ cars, Pro Ladder
1. 400 Pro Tree, Heads up Racing
2. Engine: Single Power Adders ONLY
B. Nitrous
- Small Block stock bore spacing NO MIMIMUM WEIGHT
- Small Block non-stock bore spacing 2150lbs(deduct 100lbs for less than 550 CI)
- Big Block 4.84 & 4.90 bore spacing 2150lbs(deduct 100lbs for less than 550CI)
- Big Block 5.00 bore spacing 2550lbs, 5.200 bore space 2600lbs
- Big Block 5.30 bore spacing 2650lbs, Max Engine Size 1,000 CID
C. Turbo Charged & Super Charged
- Single Turbo Small Block 2500lbs, Big Block 2700lbs
- Twin Turbo 91mm-94mm Small Block 2650lbs, Big Blocks 3000lbs
- Twin Turbo 88mm & smaller small block 2550lbs, Big Blocks 2900lbs
- Turbo Charged Big Block less than 550ci utilizing a stock bore space block deduct 100lbs
- Centrifugal Superchargers Small Block 2500lbs, Big Block 2700lbs(deduct 100lbs for stock bore space less than 550CI)
- Twin Centrifugal Superchargers Small Block 2700lbs, Big Block 3000lbs(deduct 100lbs for stock bore space less than 550CI)
- Roots Supercharger Small Block 2500lbs, Big Block 2700lbs
- Screw Supercharger maximum engine size 540CI, maximum overdrive 122% "C" rotor 3000lbs, maximum overdrive 125% "D" rotor 2850lbs
- Turbo Charged or Supercharged with conventional(non-hemi) heads deduct 100lbs
- 4 & 6 cylinder alcohol & intercooler permitted. 350ci and smaller no minimum weight, 351-499ci will be required to run at small block weights, 500-670ci will be required to run at big block weights
- Maximum engine size on all turbo charged entries is 670CI
- Any turbo charged or supercharged combination utilizing a big block with bore spacing larger than 5.00 & non-stock bore space small blocks add 100 lbs to above weights
3. Mufflers mandatory, inserts are not considered mufflers, turbo charged entries DO NOT NEED MUFFLERS. Zoomies permitted but the type of zoomie must be approved prior to use. Maximum tubing size for zoomies is 2-5/8".
4. Back half type cars only. Front frame to be original OEM & must be fully intact from the firewall to 4" forward of the front spindle. ADD 75lbs for missing all or part of factory front frame as previously described. Minor notching of front frame allowed for header and steering clearance only. If notching cuts through the original material it must be filled in. Any notching of OEM front frame must be approved prior to being performed. Any notched frame that has competed at Cecil County Dragway prior to 1/1/16 is considered approved but any further notching
will need approval prior to being performed. Major notching of front frame add 25lbs.Factory front frame must be connected to k-member or lower suspension component by either welding or bolting. Double round tube frame rails from firewall forward prohibited. If utilizing 1990 or older factory a-arms deduct 50 lbs.
5. All entries must have been a factory production type vehicle. Must be street appearing, have stock appearing dash & working lights. One piece front ends permitted provided it retains stock appearance and OEM width dimensions at the wheel openings. Fiberglass/carbon fiber body parts are limited to hood, fenders, doors, deck lid, roof skin & bumpers unless car is composite from factory. Quarter panels and Rocker panels must be made of original factory material. Any changes or alterations in body lines including front ends, MUST BE APPROVED prior to modification. UNAPPROVED body modifications that may have a performance advantage at race directors sole discretion will be subject to a 25lb weight penalty. All bodies must retain OEM width dimensions at wheel openings. Front door jams must be in stock location. Front to rear door opening must be factory dimension. Pro Mod and Pro Stock bodies are NOT PERMITTED.
6. Alcohol permitted on non-intercooled cars only, alcohol and intercooler permitted on 4 & 6 cylinder cars. Forced Induction cars utilizing racing gas deduct 100lbs. Nitro-methane prohibited.
7. NHRA Pro ladder and safety tech.
8. Minimum Ground clearance of 3" from front of nose to 12" behind the front spindle.
9. Towing allowed but you must stop at scales.
10. Deep staging allowed, but starter will not wait for racer to get deep. Auto-start will be on at ALL times. Once both vehicles are pre-staged either side stage light will activate a 7 second auto-start. Once your competitor stages you will have 7 seconds to stage. If you fail to stage within that time the tree will automatically activate and you will be disqualified. Disqualifications will be based on a first or worse basis in accordance with the NHRA rule book. Controversial decisions not covered by the NHRA rule book will be determined by the race director.
11. Head & Neck restraint MANDATORY.
12. Lower engine containment device MANDATORY.
13. Maximum front overhang 45" measured from the centerline of the front spindles.
14. NHRA chassis certification mandatory.
15. 33x10.5w bias or radial and 315 pro radial permitted
16. Wheelbase must be within 2" of factory dimension. Maximum front end stagger of 2". Wheelbase will be measured from centerline of front spindles to centerline of rear axle. Any vehicle that is over the 2" tolerance but less than 4" ADD 25lbs. Any vehicle that measures more than 4" from factory will not be allowed to compete.
17. Firewall must be within 2" of stock location. Engine must remain in front of firewall. Firewall cannot be modified for engine placement. Firewall will be measured from front spindles to any point from cowl to bottom of firewall and from outside of factory frame rail to outside of factory frame rail. Modifications (i.e. Sloping, slanting, etc) outside of the factory frame rails permitted. Any
vehicle that is over the 2" tolerance but less than 4" ADD 25lbs. Any vehicle that measures more than 4" from factory will not be allowed to compete.
18. Air bottles on N/A, Supercharged and Turbo Charged vehicles are to be filled with CO2 only. The use of nitrous oxide in place of CO2 is PROHIBITED.
19. All fuels used are to be unmodified fuel as produced by the original manufacturer and must be commercially available. The use of fuel additives is PROHIBITED. All entries are subject to fuel check ay any time.
20. The use of specially produced "one off" parts that are not commercially available and are deemed, by race director, to have a performance advantage is PROHIBITED.
21. Maximum penalty for a combination of wheelbase, firewall, front frame and body infractions will be 100lbs.

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Yep, which kinda shows you whats going on between the slick and radial.
- Woody shows up with slicks and wheelie bars ready to run 10.5, Made a couple passes, couldn't figure it out(for whatever reason) and went back to the radial and did well in qualy[/QUOte

Yep. It's hard to believe there aren't enough true Outlaw 10.5 cars to field the class but since I'm not an East Coast racer my input doesn't carry any weight out there. I was pissed at Mel for including them at SCSN. Many of the other racers were too. The Canadians especially. They haul down several cars every years and really support the race. We'll see if that continues now.

Honestly, the problem is not the's the rules that he uses for the class in St.Louis and Vegas. They are basically RVW rules with minor differences...and you can run the 10.5 tire also.

My combo...SBTT is 2400lbs there...not a shot in hell I could get my car...following Outlaw 10.5 rules, anywhere near that weight. If he wants REAL 10.5 cars to show, which maybe he doesn't. The rules have to be the same rules as the National 10.5 rules...otherwise it will continue to be a shit show of ProModish type cars.

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Bump for a 2020 solution to the Radial vs 10.5 solution. Pick a class with rules and everybody get behind it. To continue down the current path is not good for anybody....just a random thought.

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Bump for a 2020 solution to the Radial vs 10.5 solution. Pick a class with rules and everybody get behind it. To continue down the current path is not good for anybody....just a random thought.
i agree, shakedown looks to be a mess with 10.5 and rvw class
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