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Ok guys We have worked out a path for you guys that are having trouble getting registered for the NHRA unleashed events online .

Pick up the phone Call NHRA at this number 706- 335- 2301Tell them Johnny Fenn Told you to call this number to register for NHRA Unleashed events.
Have your credit card ready. They will register you as a member of NHRA and also register you for the unleashed events right over the phone no computer required.
Depending on the class you will be running you will need a NHRA competition License. All index classes 10.0 and above you do not have to have a NHRA license.
8.50 and all pro heads up classes you need a NHRA driver License.

If you do not have a License and wish to get one please contact Johnny Fenn at 770-652-5190 we are setting up several free track days for you to come and get your NHRA license. Call me and i will give you all the information you will need to get license.
You do not want to miss the unleashed events. They are going to be exciting racing and fan experience and covered on National TV.
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