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I have made this before and my gf loved it. Buy facasha (spelling?) bread in a round loaf from panera. Buy the roasted $5 chicken from Giant Eagle or whatever store you have that sells them. Buy some cheese in the slices like sargento and choose what you like I usually use both swiss and monterey jack. If you can, find some nantucket off shore bay seasoning rub. If not seasonings that at least include some oregano, garlic powder, onion salt, black pepper, paprika, and whatever other herbs and spices you like. Now I am sure most have mayo so if you don't go out and buy some mayonnaise.

So to buy we have:
Round facasha bread loaf from panera (cheese or salt doesn't matter which)
Mayo (not flavored and not miracle whip)
Cheese slices
Herbs and spices
Roasted and ready to go chicken
  1. Season to taste the mayo with the spices mentioned above.
  2. Slice the facasha bread loaf in the middle being very careful to ensure it is evenly sliced. Now cut the sandwich sizes you with to make. I usually cut it in half and then grill it and cut later so the sandwich stays together better (it tends to slide a bit in the panini maker).
  3. Making sure the mayo is mixed layer the mayo on the facasha bread. I put the mayo on both sides but it's personal preference here people.
  4. Warm up your panani grill to medium high heat or even a george foreman grill would do (use the grill pattern sides inside of the grill).
  5. Now choose your cheese slices you want and lay them on top of the spread mayo mix that is spread on your facasha bread.
  6. Next, making sure that you have the chicken (using the breast is a lighter option that usually the other gender prefers but it doesn't matter) tear off small slices and place them on the side with no cheese (usually the bottom but everyone is different). Make sure to fill your panini enough but not TOO much as too much chicken will meake the cheese slide and be more difficult to grill evenly.
  7. Carefully place the top (side with cheese) onto the bottom where you just placed lots of chicken pieces.
  8. After seeing that your grill of choice is to temperature place the panini on it and bring the top down. When bringing the top down make sure it is at a slight angle so that it does not make your panini sandwich slide too much and drop chicken pieces everywhere.
  9. Finally, grill the panini anywhere from 4-8 minutes (depending upon your grill), check by slowly lifting the top to make sure it itsn't burning the bread. Every grill is different and everyone has different tastes. Grill the other panini sit and enjoy. You can use extra mayo to dip in if you like here. I sometimes like to dip and others not. Couple with a nice salad on the side of fresh ripped greens with your dressing of choice and it's a very nice meal.
:drinkers: Cheers,
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