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question on cam, cubic inch, and nitrous

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question on cam, cubic inch, and nitrous:

I have almost everything to assemble a big ci sbc (450) but was wondering about nitrous. originally I didn't plan for the spray but don't think I can resist. So my question is how much can I successfully use with my combination without too much trouble. I know the LSA play a big roll here so what are your thought.


Dart raised deck iron eagle block 4.160 bore
4130 steel crank 4.125 stroke
H beam rods
11:1 cp ratio
cam solid roller (custom grind)
258 268 @ 50 .720 lift int .740 ex 112 LSA
short rod ratio (1.45)
ported GM sb2.2 heads
port type nos (not sure of system yet)

trying to decide if I can use enough to warrant the hellfire rings or just stay with the moly & how limited am I with this combination on nitrous


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400 shot easy. And don't hesitate about the Hellfire rings.
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