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Ok, this is for my street car '69 Nova and not the NPS car.

1. Can I have a second stage retard for Nitrous with a MSD Digital 6 box?
there is a fire-up retard that activates below 800 rpm, and 1 other retard for 9.9 deg. that activates first stage, but what about the second stage. The people I've talked do don't know if it and be done with a second retard controller (NOT MONTY???).

2. I see on the schematic's that you recommended relays and not fuses, but what "size" replay for the following:

-Moroso water pump drive
-Electric fan
-Holley blue pump
-Nos system

3. Can MONTY downsize the schematic's so we can peint them onto 1 page and not three?

Thanks, John :?

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Sorry it took a bit for me to respond.

I don't think a Digital 6 will support a 2nd stage of N20. Maybe you could add an additional retard controller, but, this would be a bit redundant.
You could get all the flexibility and have room to grow with a Digital 7 Ignition.

As for relays, most automotive type 40/30 amp relays are enough to support the items you listed. Bosch is probably the most common type that auto parts stores carry. Good to know for convenience or if you're in a pinch.

Most N20 kits come with relays to support the system or are available through N20 manufactures. This would be your best route to take for your N20 application.

I hope this helps,
Thank you for inquiring,
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