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I've got a couple questions that I'm hoping you guys can help me with. I am in the beginning stages of planning and researching for a low deck stroked BB mopar. Probably 500 cui. and going for 1000 hp at the crank. I will be using a stock block for the build. I know everyone will advise against it but I can't afford a Mopar mega block. There is a 230 casting 400 block that has twice as much webbing as the others that I plan on using. The car will be mostly happy street driving with going to the track 5-10 times a year. I'm hoping the stock block will be ok since it will be mostly street driving around town. I had been planning on a Paxton supercharger, which I have already, but have been considering a turbo setup. Probably a twin set up. I have helped with a few builds so know a little bit about turbos but not a whole lot.
I found a set of Indy 440-1 heads that were CNC'd to 345 intake and flow 375 on the intake and 260-300 on the exhaust. I know these are kind of big but they are all set up for a solid roller with SS valves. I also know if you get too crazy with porting heads you risk cracking them due to weakening of the runner walls. In your opinion are these heads more than what I need to use and will they be a hinder to my engine if I did get them? I would imagine those heads would support more than what I'm looking to make at this moment but would also allow room to increase power down the road if I can get an aftermarket block. Will these heads hinder the performance of a 1000 hp engine? If they will be ok to use what size turbo would you recommend? I was hoping to go with something in the 70's maybe with a T4 housing to help with room in the engine bay. Not necessarily looking for exact size just ballpark so I know what I'd be looking at buying. I will probably get a hold of Lil John for specifics. It will be EFI on E85, auto, approx. 3400 lbs. I would really appreciate any advice you guys can give and sorry about the long post.
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