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Quench with reverse dome pistons

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When using quench dome pistons, specifically this one

how do i go about setting quench? I know with a flattop I can zero deck the block and use head gasket thickness to dictate where I want it, but when using the reverse dome, what is the procedure?

Im going to be using a .040" head gasket, so would i still zero deck and get quench off of the flat part of the piston (quench pad?)

Sorry if im not explaining myself here, or if this is a stupid question, just want to be sure...these are the pistons im going to be using in my stroker build

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Yes, the reverse dome/dish is irrelevant to your quench measurement.
So I can still zerodeck as with a flatop piston going by the flat part of the reverse dome piston, and then set quench via gasket thickness?
Who's piston this is really doesn't matter. and with a A Motor Chrysler we're talking about a very small quench area between the dish and the mongo valve pockets.

But, assuming a steel rod, I'd still set the flat part of the piston at zero deck. You can stick them out of the hole but you'll have to champher the top of the piston for clearance. (depending on the head you're using).

And its not a stupid question.
LOL thanks for the help Mark:cool:...Its actually the piston used in the stroker kit you guys sell, chrysler 408 with the scat cast it from Coast High Performance

Anyways, thanks for the info.. I just wanted to confirm since i was doing a flattop build before and even that was all new to me
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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