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Pump gas stroker

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I'm looking to build a new motor after i span all the rod bearings in my motor and snaped the timing chain bent the push rods and valves. I'm looking to build a stroked 350 as my block is good (is new and only has 200 miles and 4 passes) i've heard that it can be taken to 395/6 (block can only go .030 over) what needs to be done, is it the same as a 383 just a bit move taken out for cleanence or is there more to it, and is it worth doing or can it go bigger,also is that worth it. Also what would be a good crank, rods, pistons and rings to go for, i will spay it with about 200 shot. The block is a gm performance 350 4 bolt main the heads are bow tie phase 1 with a home port job with 2.06 1.60 valves intake is weland singla plane with an 800 dp holley. Will also new a cam soild roller what would be good, did have a cca 12-772-8 cant remember the spec but i think is was 248 254 duraction. It will be a street/ strip engine in a 67 Camaro dont the weight but is a full box chassis strip inside and has glass wing,hood and trunk.
Thanx for any help. Dave
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you'll have to take it to a machine shop to get the block cut out for the longer crank throws. the most any 350 block that I've heard of being cut is for a 4" stroke crank .030" over will give you a 408. but this is also if your machinist feels comfortable cutting it this far and if you trust him on your brand new block cutting it that far. as for the cam you'll have to buy a small base circle cam. you should be able to run a good bit of lift say around .555" on this motor and it would love it. throw away the intake and by you a vic jr or performer air gap. as for best crank and rods can't help you there I ran stock stuff in mine to 6.20's no problem so any aftermarket oughtta be better. good luck
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