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Pump gas stroker

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I'm looking to build a new motor after i span all the rod bearings in my motor and snaped the timing chain bent the push rods and valves. I'm looking to build a stroked 350 as my block is good (is new and only has 200 miles and 4 passes) i've heard that it can be taken to 395/6 (block can only go .030 over) what needs to be done, is it the same as a 383 just a bit move taken out for cleanence or is there more to it, and is it worth doing or can it go bigger,also is that worth it. Also what would be a good crank, rods, pistons and rings to go for, i will spay it with about 200 shot. The block is a gm performance 350 4 bolt main the heads are bow tie phase 1 with a home port job with 2.06 1.60 valves intake is weland singla plane with an 800 dp holley. Will also new a cam soild roller what would be good, did have a cca 12-772-8 cant remember the spec but i think is was 248 254 duraction. It will be a street/ strip engine in a 67 Camaro dont the weight but is a full box chassis strip inside and has glass wing,hood and trunk.
Thanx for any help. Dave
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Thanx for that.

Any one else? Really could do with some help as i am on a tight budget and dont want pick the wrong parts.
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