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PSI Superchargers On Board With The ADRL For 2011 Season

O’FALLON, MO (February 9, 2010) - PSI Superchargers President and Co-Owner Roger Olander has been continually impressed by the growth of the American Drag Racing League (ADRL).
Now, the popular and growing supercharger manufacturing company will be working closer than ever with the nation’s premier 1/8-mile drag racing league.
The ADRL announced on Wednesday that PSI Superchargers have signed on as a sponsor for the 2011 season, which begins on March 25-26 with CarSafe Dragpalooza VII presented by LenMar Motorsports at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas.
In addition, the company, which boasts a number of consumers in the Extreme 10.5 and Pro Extreme classes, will also be a contingency sponsor for Pro Extreme and Extreme 10.5, the two fastest classes in the ADRL.
“The ADRL is absolutely a great series and it’s been amazing to watch it develop and mature,” Olander said. “What the ADRL has done with its participation and crowd, it is just so cool.

“They’re really about racing and watching good cars, and taking care of people who come through the door. It’s what racing should be like.”
PSI’s top of the line products are currently used by 2010 ADRL World Champions Frankie Taylor (Pro Extreme) and Dan Millen (Extreme 10.5), along with the likes of two-time Pro Extreme World Champion Jason Scruggs, Pro Extreme standout Joshua Hernandez and Extreme 10.5 driver Chuck Ulsch, who holds the world speed record in the class, in addition to many other top drivers.
“These guys run the best products we’ve ever designed,” Olander said. “They’ve embraced our product and that’s huge.
“We have the baddest blower out there and that’s why they run it.”
Olander said he thoroughly enjoys the innovative Extreme 10.5 class and working with the ADRL has allowed his company to grow alongside the racing league that is now entering its seventh season.
The growth of the ADRL has helped allow PSI to make tremendous strides as well, including the introduction of a new website ( that will allow anyone to purchase its products.
It’s an avenue the company has never explored, but Olander is looking forward to seeing what happens because of it.
“Before, our products were only for top-end racers, but now we’ve also moved into a market where the average person can afford it,” Olander said. “People can jump on our website and see what we have, and it allows us to broaden our wheelbase.
“Working with the ADRL has helped to open up an avenue we’ve never had before.”
The growing and genial relationship has both parties excited about the possibilities for the 2011 ADRL Tour.
“We are thrilled to be working even more closely with Roger and everyone at PSI,” ADRL Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Evans said.
“They are a proven winner in the industry and a popular brand for many of the talented drivers in the ADRL.”
Olander is just as eager for the 2011 campaign to begin.
“The ADRL is going in a great direction and I’m excited for it,” Olander said. “It’s a great connection for us.”

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