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Had the car out this weekend for the first time in almost a year. First time out with the Progressive box. Only got to make one attempt. Nitrous Was cutting on and off badly. Really more off than on. I have read through the other threads here and it seems the box is very particular as to where it is mounted. Based off the data recorder, the problem is definately in the controller, power came on and stayed on going to the solenoids, the box just had trouble supplying the ground.

Im going to look the wiring over really good today and check for any loose connections. With the car in the pits and the box set at 100% with no delay, the kit works fine, hits hard every time the micro switch is pressed. I am leaning towards a loose connection that only is a problem going down track or the mounting location of the box.

Any other suggestions? :confused:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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