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Pro website points section not updated since 2002?

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Not trying to start a fight but anyone notice the website has a link for points and record that leads to
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They just wanted Billy Gliddens name up there to sell more tickets... :-D
If we all got along.. what would site be? :roll: :-D
John Baio ~ Bill Glidden
Jim Monson ~ Jimmy Biggs
Monty Mikho ~ The whole board

Just to name a few... :-D
Jimmy Biggs said:
:smt057 .....Nobody now :wink:
Did I miss something?
:smt017 Im lost.. but that aint nothing new
Rick Miller said:
Monty Mikho said:
:smt017 Im lost.. but that aint nothing new
Too easy.......... I'll pass :roll:
I thought you liked the easy ones? :-D
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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