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Pro vs NSCA ShootOut

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A Super Bowl Shootout: Not all Classes, but NPS, S/S, and maybe three other Classes. Maybe at Norwalk or Route 66 or Stanton. 5k to win.
Bragging right for one year! Top Five Jackets. Maybe?
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I think this check writing problem goes far beyond this racing junk.

Corporations, and big business in general just ain't spending money anymore. They are locking it up in bonuses, and profit sharing for the major share holders.... and the big dogs of non-public businesses are just soaking it up.... greed is getting greedier.
Tom I wonder if they pay the IHRA Pro Stock guys like that?

Jimmy I work in the midst of the grand corporations of the auto industry. I have for 15 years now. They care little for the customer, and even less for their vendors/suppliers. That's the world we live in.
I think Tom is..... that's what it looks like to me. :-D
Jimmy Biggs said:
Let me know how many of the PRO and NSCA Racers show up.......Hell they don't support their own Series'.....Maybe they'll support somebody else's :p :p :p :p :p :p

That's a bunch of BS Jimmy!!

I'm not bashing Jimmy that's not my style!

I'm just seeing a pattern here of people putting the dis'n on us racers for the failure of organizations success. And i disagree. I also don't believe it's the racers fault for low car counts. These racers EXIST Jimmy. I believe MOST of them still want to race but the ENTIRE SETUP of these org's has been wrong from the get go.

MUCH of it has to do with Money, and by money I mean WINNINGS. It's setup all wrong.

Also, again, not bashing, but there were how many Super Modified racers that would be racing this weekend??? That will not be racing this weekend???

If you want to talk about the REAL problem, lets do it. But so far I haven't found anyone interested in the REAL problem. They just want to beat a dead horse.
Might as well move forward with my point.

It's about payout structure.

When I was winning regularly I was bringing home between 5-6 grand from a race. Runner up was bringing home about 12-1400. Semi's were bringing home a couple hundred, and quarters are getting 50 bucks.

Why does the winner need 6 grand and the lower place get so much less? We could knock that 6 grand in half, so winner gets 3, and spread the other 3 down the line and you will see car count grow.

When one or two guys keeps winning like that, they start pulling away from the field becuase they can advance their program exponentially beyond the guys that are already struggling. Eventually the lower guys just can't hang on anymore and car count drops.

That is the whole deal in a nutshell... seems many are in denial about it. No skin off my back. But there needs to be more 'care' taking of the lower budget guys who are the MAJORITY.... this is why the majority are disappearing, and we're ending up with only the winners hanging on.

Honestly, I'm wasting my time typing. I typed something like this at the Fun Ford site as they are trying to fix their low car counts with rules changes(another mistake) and NOT ONE person responded to my point....

The problem with these orgs is that they ALREADY HAVE IT FIGURED OUT. They know it all and nobody is going to tell them differently. After all, look at their records.
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1 - 6 of 44 Posts
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