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this was posted on the NMRA web site.::

At 1:08am Saturday night/Sunday morning, a buddy of mine had his car stolen from a hotel parking lot in Columbus, Ohio while attending the Good Guys show.

The thieves stole the car, trailer and the pickup truck.

The truck is a 1994 Chevy extended cab, lowered with a blue to purple fade paint job.

The trailer is an open wheel trailer manufactured by American Dream.

The car is a Pro Street '67 Pontiac Lemans (GTO). It is Burnt Orange with a Blueish arrow type graphic on the side. It is tubbed with Weld Draglites, a Pontiac blower motor, roll bar, custom interior with Autolite Guages, aluminum fuel cell, aluminum radiatior, and LOTS of other goodies. I watched over the last 6 years as this car was being built from the ground up. Lots of money and time have been put into this vehicle. Please help us find it.

If anyone has ANY information on any of the above vehicles, please contact your local police department, the Columbus Police Department and myself immediately. You can reach me at 419-562-2277.

Also, please copy this post and post it on other websites you frequent. The more people that see this, the better. Thanks for the space.
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