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Pro Mod 4 link- Help??

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Adjusting the 4 link is our weakest area of knowledge. Need some help understanding terms.

We purchased a Tim McAmis Chassis Master program and measured things accordingly, but have a poor idea of what the results mean.

The car is a 114 whl base 1995 RJ ProMod Monte Carlo. According to the program, we were running an I.C length of 53.48, I.C Height of 7.13 with a 5% squat percentage. We have little idea of what the percentage of rise or in this case squat should be and need a better definition of the term.

You can check out sections in our video to see what the car is doing. We think maybe the car needs to bite harder.

What is a good all around Squat percentage in your opinion??


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It looks like the right rear is getting pushed up in the tub pretty far. What are the corner weights?
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