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UPDATE: Jan 9th 2009: Edit per request from Pro Line Racing

As of now, there is a combined reward total of $7500 for the apprehension and conviction of the those involved in the break-in at Pro Line Racing. Thanks to everybody who has offered to chip in to help catch these thieves.

If you wish to remain nameless, you could give us something as simple as an anonymous tip and we will still honor the reward money if it leads to the apprehension and conviction of those involved in this break-in.

Thanks again for everyone's help and support. We can't tell you how much we appreciate it.

------------------------------------------------------------END EDIT----------------------------------------------------------------------

We are working with the police and detectives on this matter. We appreciate your concern for Pro Line Racing and our customers.

Any information that you may be able to provide us with leading to the apprehension of anyone and everyone involved will be greatly appreciated. A list of all of the items that were taken will be provided soon. We are still trying to inventory everything and need a few days to sort all of this out.

We will have to spend the next few days working with the police, detectives, and insurance company. Therefore, we will not be answering phone calls until the January 6th, 2009.

Feel free to leave a message and we will return your call.

Thanks everyone for your support.

--------------------------------------Edit: Added Prolineracings list of stolen property-------------------------------------

We continue to work with the police detectives and insurance agent on this matter. Any information you may be able to provide us with leading to the apprehension of anyone and everyone involved will be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of most of the parts to look out for.

New Billet SBC - CN block/ Alan Johnson heads / Moroso pan / Jesel drive
Used BBC - Bowtie block/ Pontiac 18Deg heads/ Moroso pan/ Jesel drive
New Aluminum 4.6 - Teksid block/ Ported 4V heads/ hammer powdercoated timing cover and valve covers w/ Proline engraving/ Moroso pan/ all billet internals

1 - Precision 114MM billet - New
3 - Precision pro mod 90MM billet - New
2 - Precision GT5591 - Used
1 - Precision pro mod 88MM billet - New
1 - Precision PT88MM billet - New

EFI Systems:
Big Stuff 3 8inj DAE - New
Big Stuff 3 24inj DAE w/ Alcohol O2 sensor - New
Big Stuff 3 16ing DAE wiring harness - New

Rossler turbo 400 - New
ATI super glide 3 - Used
2 - ATI super glide 3 converters - New
Coan converter rebuild parts

Engine parts:
LS7 Aluminum block - Used
C5R aluminum block - Used
Oliver billet SBC rods (6.125) - New
Bill Miller aluminum rods (7.100) - New
Sonny Bryant billet BBC crank (4.250) - Used
LS crankshaft (4.00) - Used
Sheetmetal 16ing EFI manifold - Used
Wilson SBF EFI yates manifold w/ 2 Pro Flow foggers - New
Moroso custom dry sump tank w/ removable top - New
Moroso dry sump tank mount - New
212lb hr injector set - Used
160lb hr injector set - Used
Accufab 105MM throttle body -Used

Eric Dillard
[email protected]

---------------------------------------EDIT: Added to list per request --------------------------------------

(1) Complete SBC engine - New
- CN billet block. Model# 2046. Serial# 178
- AJPE billet heads
- Jesel belt drive
- Moroso dry sump oil pan
(1) Complete BBC engine - Used
- Bowtie block
- Pontiac 18° heads
- Comp Cams belt drive
- Moroso wet sump oil pan
(1) Complete 4.6 32v engine - New
- Boss 5.0 block
(1) Corvette C5-R block - Used
(1) Corvette LS-7 block - Used

(1) Winberg 4.250” BBC billet crankshaft - Used
(1) Callies 4.000” billet crankshaft - Used
(1) Bill Miller 7.100” custom aluminum rods (set of 10) - New
(1) Oliver SBC 6.125” billet rods (set of 8 ) - New
(1) Jesel belt-drive #KBD-35400 - New
(1) ATI BBC balancer #917300 - New
(1) T&D Rockers #3038 w/ oilers - New
(1) Wilsons Manifolds SBF Victor style, dominator/efi conversion w/ 2 Pro-Flow foggers - New
(1) BBC Sheetmetal Intake - Used
(1) Accufab 105mm throttle body - Used
(1) Moroso dry sump tank w/ removeable top - New
(1) Moroso dry sump tank mount - New

(1) Precision 114mm billet wheel turbo - New
(3) Precision pro mod 90mm turbo - New
(2) Precision GT55/91mm turbo - Used
(1) Precision GT47/88 billet wheel turbo - New
(1) Precision HPS76 billet wheel turbo - New

(2) Tial 60mm wastegate - New

(1) ATI Superglide III transmission - Used
(1) Rossler Turbo 400 transmission. Serial# 14331 - New
(2) ATI converter - Used
(1) Coan converter pump cover - New
(6) Coan converter pads - New
(6) Coan converter bolts - New
(1) Coan snount for drive cover - New

(1) Complete Big Stuff 3 DAI system - New
(1) Complete Big Stuff 3 24 injector DAE system w/ alcohol O2 - New
(1) Complete Big Stuff 3 16 injector DAE system (minus ECU) - New
(1) AMS-1000 map sensor - New
(2) AMS-1000 solenoid - New
(2) Racepak 0-75 psi sensor - New
(5) Water temp sensor - New
(5) Air temp sensor - New
(5) TPS sensor - New
(5) 3 bar map sensor - New
(2) 4 bar map sensor - New
(6) Big Stuff 3 O2 sensor - New

(1) 212lb/hr injectors (set of 8 ) - Used
(1) 160lb/hr injectors (set of 8 ) - Used

(1) SPD BBC 304 Stainless Header Flange - New
(1) SPD 304 stainless 2.25 - 3.00” double slip merge collector - New
(1) SPD 16 gauge 2.13” 304 stainless u-bend - New
(1) SPD 16 gauge 2.25” 304 stainless j-bend - New
(1) SPD 3.00” v-band clamp - New
(1) SPD 3.00” 304 stainless v-band sealing flange - New
(10) 5.25 – 5.00” aluminum downpipe weld flange - New
(10) 5.25 – 4.00” aluminum downpipe weld flange - New
(10) 4.00 – 4.00” aluminum downpipe weld flange - New
(20) 5.25” v-band clamp - New
(10) 4.00” v-band clamp - New
(6) 4.50” aluminum/aluminum v-band kit - New

Thanks man. We really appreciate the help.

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Man that sucks.
Sorry to hear that.

The last time it happened to me there were no leads to speak of, but most of the stuff that was stolen was all 1-off parts that LOTS of people knew were mine. It took a few months or so, but then my parts started showing up on other people's cars at the track and it didn't take long to find the perps. My buddies almost lynched one of the poor saps that bought some of my parts from one of the crooks, figuring him to be in on the theft.

I certainly hope you get it all back - along with some jail time for the perps.

Bring on the Metal!!
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Absoutely get a list out ASAP. I get people coming in here all the time telling me about stuff they are trying to sell and I tell each and every one of them to put it all down on paper with a contact name and number and i'll post it on my bulletin board in my office for all to see. Not one of them has done it yet.. I wonder why?? :rolleyes:

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Sorry to hear that guys! Hope everything works out.

Impeach obama
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A list ASAP would help out greatly, also everybody needs to post the list and any info on ALL of the forums they are on.

With that many eyes and ears, the trap will close on these scumbags fast.

Good luck man!!!!

ALSO might want to put it on the front page of your website to inform anybody who hits it.

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Will keep a eye out and a ear open...........Steve & tim have been freinds of mine for years and i will always help a brother out!!!

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Damn that fuckin sucks, I can't stand theives. I'll keep my eyes and ears open down here around Warner Robins. I hope you guys get your stuff back and in the process, send the rotten SOB's to jail.

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Damn I sure hate to hear about it.It SURE SUCKS when something like that happens to someone like that.





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Very sorry to hear this....we'll keep our ears for shop owners Eric & Doug are among the nicest people in the business...hate to see this.

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Damn I got broke into a few years ago so I know how that feels. :mad: I have been told that there is a group that goes around and steals race cars and parts exclusively. The weird part is I know of a few cars and trailers that have been taken and just vanished into thin air. They must be taking them across country. If you find them post pictures so we will know what they look like. Most times it will be someone that has been hanging around.

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Get a list asap and i will keep alook out in s.c if anybody comes by the shop to try and sell stuff-i will try and get info B.CANADA
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