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I have a lightly used like new nitrous outlet ls plate system for 3 bolt throttle body, plate flows up to 400 hp it has the larger upgraded solenoids and lines, tons of extra jets for I believe 25 hp increments. 2 full 10 lb bottles with high flow billet valves, luminescent bottle pressure guages on both, -6 bottle nuts, NHRA blow down tube and fittings on both bottles, -6 feed line with nitrous outlet filter, purge kit, 12v bottle heater with pressure switches to maintain desired pressure in car, bottle blanket, nitrous outlet black powder coated hot water bath for heating bottles all the way through in the trailer, wot switch, all relays and switches, everything was installed very neat and clean and came back out the same way no cobbled stuff. Over $2,600 invested into it all. I had this on a built 5.3 and it ran great.

* Asking $1300 for it all. May separate 1 bottle $250, bottle bath for $450 and complete nitrous kit with 1 full bottle, warmer, and blanket for $650*
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