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POST PICS OF........

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Great way to start off Dude!! :-D:-D
My Wife & Daughter (An older pic.But about the only pic i had of her next to my old 32. that i could find)
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Damn Dude!Nobody is posting!I guess you & i are the only ones with any "BALLS!" to (LOL) :smt081:smt081
That dude has to come on here & say that about your woman,not cool.Or if she saw it would she laugh at it or be pissed?Probably would not mind right?It's the BULLET!!! :-D
I just wish i had a better pic! I'll have to get with the Wife & take care of this! :tonqe:
DAMN!It's like none of you guys have seen a chick before!!!!! Go out & get your own!!!!!:tonqe:
I have posted a few and had a few posted by other people . problem is you got a few assholes on here that probably dont even have a real woman but they want to be keyboard button pushing pricks and find some stupid negative shit to say and nobody wants to hear or see their wife or g/f get bashed for no reason other than to make some pussy ass POS feel better about his own sorry ass exsistence by bashing someone else and then try to justify it by saying its yellowbullet motherphucker . Bullshit , thank you and have a nice day , Bobby
Damn! Go Bobby go!!!:-D:-D
I am Lisa"s husband you fucking asshole and I love her very much you sorry son of a bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the one that posted that and FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU . You fucking wish your sorry fucking piece of shit ass could even come close to having a woman that looked even close to her . FUCK YOU you fucking dick head
man....saw your are one ugly fucking bitch. what a face. I bet you have to tie pork chops around your neck to get the dog to play with you. No wonder you got your tits done WOOF!
I'LL tell ya what-you keep talking SHIT like that to the wrong Fuckin person-& buddy your existance on this planet shall become Null & Void!How the FUCK can you come on here & even think about being so FUCKIN RUDE to someone's G/F or WIFE?
We all know that your just some FUCKIN PUNK ASS DIPSHIT!
Just try talking that shit to some of us in person you little FUCKFACE & see what happens.Fuckin Keyboard Commando.:smt097
"fuckface" i love that one i use it all the time :):):)
bring it ****.
Figures he or she or "it" would come back with such a "Internet Tough Guy Word as "****" WOOOOHHHHH WE ALL SCARED NOW & SHAKIN IN DA BOOTS!:prayer:
1 - 9 of 140 Posts
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