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Pontiac G6 power steering question

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So my little sister still likes the Dodge Avengers but reading about some of the problems with them I am not that comfortable with her getting one. So we went back to her first list and she decided she liked the Pontiac G6 the best from what was left on that list. Did a little research and I liked the car until I read about some power steering problems with it going out of the steering just locking up. From what I was reading it looks like this was just a problem with the 2005s and 2006s. Does anyone have any information about this? Is it still a problem with the 2010's. I understand that all cars are going to have some problems but the power steering going out is not something I would want to have happen on the highway at 65mph.

Why couldn't I have had a little brother instead of a little sister. Maybe then I wouldn't worry about her so much. Too much of a protective big brother over here.
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electric steering. its odd, but some do lock up, but you can still turn the wheel but its very hard.

get a ford fusion
Make sure you test drive the car over various speeds and road conditions.My wife had a 07 and that car was the biggest rattle trap I've ever driven.On anything less then a perfect road the interior would squeak and rattle.I found it very annoying.
and the convert top issues
there was a either a recall or special bulliten about the coolant jug rattling
2009 G6 here and my wife drives it evryday and I do as well. Never had an issue one with the car, other than the gas cap sensor going bad. very nice car IMO
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