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Outrunning the Big Blocks
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The car says AMBEE on the side of it.
I hung out with them guys at PAO S.A
and they are a good bunch.
He said 7 or 8 guys went in together and bought
the car back in the early 90s to street race here in
S.A.They kept score above the drivers head on the
left interior of the roof.Had over20 kills mostly
Mustangs ,Novas,Camaros.Over time the group
seperated and was bought out and the car was left
to sit behind the machine shop.When they heard PAO was
coming they got the urge,drug it up out of the weeds and
now you see it.
I fisrt saw the car at a local tracks Street Race Midnight Madness
and it was going 11.70s but he told me the second stage wasnt working.The highlight of that night was the AMBEE and a turbo Honda lining up and the pontiac spanking the Honda.
I have some pics at home and if I can find them tonight I will post them tonight.
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