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Made two passes on brand-new -10 plugs the other night. Will try to take a picture, probably have to cut open the plug to get a good shot. Timing mark was right before the bend. Fuel ring was on the dark brown side, about .060 up the porcelain. To me and my buddy it looked perfect.

So here's the question: If this was a -10 plug on a .063N jet on top of a 600hp 14.8:1 motor, what happens when I try to go to a 200hp shot later? Do I need to remove even more timing and/or go to a -11 plug? What is colder than a -11? I'm a little shit compared to a lot of people here. What are they running for plugs? Or do they simply pull a ton of timing out to keep things cool enough in the chamber? How much cooler do the other fuels run, or do they? I currently use Sunoco 112 (Blue). Would Red cool things any better? We have C16 at our track and I think they have one of the VP NOS fuels, don't know which one. If those other fuels won't run cooler and let me run more timing than I won't bother trying them. I have no detonation problems with what I am (or have) been doing...........

Been learning without burning thanks to all of you on this site so far, THANKS! Hope to keep my pistons outta that sticky up above!
Those other fuels have a higher octane rating, that is more resistance to burn which then lets you run more timing and or clyinder pressure
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