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Please help me raise money for ALS

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Last year I participated in a walk for ALS. With the help of Yellowbullet, I raised over $2,000. I walked because my best friend's mother was diagnosed with ALS. Yesterday, my friend's mother died, thus ending her battle with the disease. This year my walk will be in her memory.

Please help me raise money for this years walk. I know times are tough, but no amount is too small and all the help we get is truly appreciated.

Follow this link to my ALS homepage and donate from there. You can also find me at the track.

Thank you, very much.
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Ms. Beebe, keep up the good work. I hope this won't be your last money raising efforts now that your friend is gone.

I have ALS and its truly one of the least underfunded research efforts there is for illnesses that take people from us at a rate far faster than cancer, aids or anything else. More than 1 in every 1000 people in America have ALS and that number is rising still at an alarming rate. (pre WW2 those number were 1 in every 15,000)
This will not be my last walk for ALS. My friend's mom had the genetic kind of ALS and her father had it too. So now we "wait" for my friend or her kids to get it? No thank you. I'll walk everyday to raise money just so I don't have to see my friend or nephews go through this.

Thank you for your support.
I don't see the lock symbol at the bottom of the page or a Verisign logo. Just curious as to how secure the site is before I submit my info. Please let me know.
You can make a check out to ALS of Michigan and get it to me at the track.
Thank you. This year's walk will be a sad one though.
Keep up the great work Karri! Donation sent and prayers to your friends family.

Heather, Tommy& Justin
Mauro Motorsports
Thank you, again. Much appreciated.
Karri is ALS also Lou Gerhigs? I'm sure it's not spelled properly. If not explain what it is so we can be more informed on this. Thanks.
"More commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a progressive, neuromuscular disease that is characterized by a degeneration of the motor neurons; the cells in the brain and spinal cord which control muscles. As the motor neurons die, the muscles weaken, affecting the ability to move, speak, swallow and breathe. Through it all, the mind remains fully aware. As of today, there is no known cause or cure for ALS, although there are many promising research programs."

It robs you of your body, but not your mind. So while you can't talk, can't move and have to wear a diaper you are fully aware of everything going on. And the entire time this is going on, your family gets to watch you die a slow and painful death. Sorry, I'm a little sensitive about this right now, I have to go to the funeral today.
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x2. There is no lock symbol or "https". I'd like to make a donation, but don't want my CC info getting into the wrong hands. I can mail you a check if need be.
Yep, sure can.

Make the check payable to:

ALS of Michigan

Send to me:

Karri Anne Beebe
33435 Beechnut
Westland, MI 48186
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Thank you mikie 33 willys. That was a very generous donation. I appreciate it!
So I shouldn't be too wary of envelopes from places I don't know when the back flap announces "Yellowbullet Rocks"

Thank you fasteach for the generous donation. I am $40 away of my goal of $500

You can make donations via the website

Or make checks payable to - ALS of Michigan and send them to me.

I am humbled by the generosity of everyone who has donated.

Thank you.
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I will drop a check off to Victory Racing Parts. I'll call your hubby to pick it up. I hope you far exceed your goal as you did last year.
Got another check in the mail today. I will exceed my goal again this year. Thanks to the support of you guys.

Thank you.

And no need to call the hubby to tell him to go up to Victory, he's probably already there now. :eek:
To a good cause, donation sent
I got it, thank you very much!!!

Matt should be bringing a check from me home to help the cause.
Thank you. I appreciate it!!
Thank you Johnny Rotten & Silver.

I appreciate the support!!!
I made my donation. This is a good cause.

I wish you the best of luck Karri raising more....
Humbled and honoured by your donation.

Thank you!!!!
The walk is this Sunday. Still time to donate online. Or find me at the track this weekend, I'll take it with me on Sunday.

Thank you
Done. You helped my daughter raise money for Amer. Heart Assoc. It's the least I can do to return the favor. Good luck in your walk.
Thank you. Wasn't I supposed to have the pleasure of meeting you & your daughter at the pump gas drags?
Everyone please read the editorial in the latest Hot Rod magazine, then give kindly.

It's a great read. Very powerful and moving. I have not yet found it online, but it should be.
Page 10 of the November Hot Rod issue. Very moving.

Tomorrow is the walk. Rain or shine. I will walk with my girlfriend.

Please donate to this cause. It is tax deductible, I do appreciate it, and every little bit WILL make a difference.

Thank you!
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