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Pic's from Norwalk's heads up race.

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Sorry i didn't get enuff pics . next time i'll make sure to get some more . There was alot of greating looking cars . I can't wait till the next race .

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Car looks great!! I do love the stock look... Kinda got me thinking about going DR but probably wont do nothing LOL~~ I better just stay away from the track its a drug I might just spend a bunch of money LOL!!! Its good to see what a car can do when the right people help ya out with knowledge... Props to PTP racing ..... before long you guys will be doing it all yourself.... All your hard work has paid off just keep the car between the lines!!
but my head is big lol:):):)
It matches your belly so it equals it all out dont worry LOL
IF I am reading the rules correct you can run alchy and you can have fiberglass front clip so looks like I could run DR be fun too run at that weight and keep all the stock interior and look to the car!! Looks like you can run a AJE front suspension as well.. Something to think about LOL
thanks mom said thats was cute:):):)

Tell her I was just kidding LOL!! Trailer looks clean LOL
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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