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Pic's from Norwalk's heads up race.

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Sorry i didn't get enuff pics . next time i'll make sure to get some more . There was alot of greating looking cars . I can't wait till the next race .

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man thats a nice camaro! whos is that? lol thanks Jeff.
It belongs to John Decerbo. Dose anyone know who built Killer Brooks blower motor?? It had problems at TRP saturday.
lol i was talkn about the 93 drag radialcamaro, its mine. i was messn with jeff. Decerbo car is sweet also.:rolleyes:
93UltraZ didn't realize you were on the board here, anyway not sure if you remember or not I complimented on your ride when you were towing through tech, NastyNova your ride is one clean car too and leaves the starting line quite well I was sitting up in the stands with your friends SadieMae and the bunch watching, to bad you didn't stay overnight then stop at Thompson on the way back to New York you would have did well in the bracket race, Jeff nice picures see ya next month for the next one
thanks, it was are first full pass with car. we were happy with it. hope to get it more dialed in for next month.:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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