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1966 Ford Zephyr, 598 BBC nitrous assisted, TH400, 9 inch, street car
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My father, Zephyrc on here, passed away in October.
I have taken ownership of his 1966 Ford Zephyr 6 mk3, I plan to use this to document my progress with the car and any changes I make.

My father took the car from a rotten mess in 1989 to a low nine second street car that would drive through London to the track, race and drive back home again.

I grew up with the car and drag racing, my first car being a 1964 Ford Cortina estate that had a SBC and ran mid 12's by the time I was 22.

We raced under the name Guinea Pig Racing for many years now. A few years ago the Zephyr took on the name Rat Infested as a rat ran across the bonnet whilst the fresh paint was still drying leaving foot prints.

Initially when built the car was powered by an AMC V8, this was soon changed for a 400 SBC. My father ran this engine for quite a few years before upgrading to a Dart Little M and boring it out to 413 In this guise it ran a best of 9.3 @147mph with nitrous.
In 2017 a good deal came up on a tall deck BBC and the small block was sold on and the big block
was fitted. Unfortunately we had one issue after another and the engine had to be rebuilt and is no 598 running 13.2:1 compression, a Straub Technologies custom hydraulic roller, Dart Pro-1 345 heads, Edlebrock Super Victor intake. With this setup we had to re-learn what the car liked to get it to launch, after finally getting it to launch we found at the end of 2020 that the torque converter needed upgrading, following a conversation with Marty at Neal Chance a new stator was bought to get the converter where we needed it.
Unfortunately Dad never got to see the car run at its full potential as he caught covid in January 2021 and due to other health issues had to be hospitalised, after 7 weeks on a ventilator Dad was left so weakened that he spent 10 months in hospital battling through whatever came his way (sepsis, pneumonia, kidney failure and finally skin cancer) until he was too weak to fight anymore.

I have been with him on his journey with the car, always by his side at the track (Santa Pod Raceway in the UK) through the ups and downs.
The car now sits in my garage awaiting better weather. I first drove the car on 31st December and it will take some time to get comfortable with the car, but I plan on racing it as much as I can this year and trying to pick up where Dad left off.

I've attached some pictures of the car and my previous car.

Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire

Back when it was SBC nitrous powered

Tire Car Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

My father and his car

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

My SBC powered Cortina estate (now with a new owner)
Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel Car

Putting down some grip juice for my Father

Tire Car Vehicle registration plate Wheel Vehicle

Our last race meet together.

I've got a steep learning curve ahead of me and I'm sure I will be asking the Bullet for advice along the way.



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Sorry for the loss of your dad. I lost my dad last year too. But that’s a really cool car. Good luck with it. Let’s see some more pics.
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