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Pappa Johns Camaro

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I wonder if he knew back when he cut the hole in the roof for that stupid aftermarket sunroof (or whoever did)that in 1972 there were only 2,575 z-28's produced and his being a rally sport z made it a pretty rare car. Im sure someone has it and knows the real worth of it cause obviously he didnt and he sold it.
I'm glad someone mentioned this. I ordered Pizza from PPJ's last week and it said "John bought a '72 Z to replace his old one he had to sell to start selling pizzas blah blah blah...."
Why not??? To the best of my knowledge,The rally sport (split bumper)package was available from 70-73 which would have made it a z-28 rally sport
and a very rare car due to the limited production in 1972 of the z-28 due to a strike in the plant

The RS package
The second generation Camaro came with a number of options, including the RS, SS, and Z28 packages. The RS package, or Rally Sport option, was an appearance package that included trim upgrades and the famous split-bumper in 1970-1973 Camaros. This split-bumper exposed the entire front grille area and for some reason is extremely popular. Many surviving 70-73 2nd gen Camaros are converted to split-bumper even if they did not originally come with the RS package.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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