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Owens Owns PXM at Georgia Drags

GRAND ISLAND, NY (Apr. 27, 2010)—“Unbelievable!”
That’s how Fast by Gast (FBG) Pro Extreme Motorcycle team owner Paul Gast describes his rider’s performance in this past weekend’s ADRL Hardee’s Georgia Drags VI.
FBG’s Ashley Owens qualified on top of a strong showing of 34 entries at South Georgia Motorsports Park with a then-record, 4.142-seconds pass in his third and final qualifying attempt, then proceeded to lower the mark in each of four rounds of eliminations to finish with a 4.096-seconds win at 175.25 mph over number-two qualifier Travis Davis in the final.
“Ashley’s riding was incredible. I’ve never heard of anyone setting a record in each of five consecutive runs,” Gast said. “But I also consider this performance to be the ultimate in team effort and abilities. The Fast by Gast team is absolutely loaded wtih talent and the cliche ‘Hard work pays off,’ is almost an understatement in this case.”
Before the 2010 ADRL season began in Houston just a few short weeks ago, talk in the Pro Extreme Motorcycle (PXM) community centered around who would be the first rider in the lower half of “the teens.”
Owens answered that question with a record-setting, 4.145-seconds blast down the Houston Raceway Park eighth mile in round one of qualifying and with his first full pass on a brand-new FBG-built bike before the race was postponed by rain to July.
“The FBG shop specialists are showing off with this bike, but it also takes the roadies or track crew working like dogs to make it happen,” Gast stressed. “FBG is all about whatever it takes.”
At South Georgia, Owens opened with a class-leading 4.20, then lowered the boom with the 4.14 before bypassing the teens altogether with a 4.121 to beat James Helton in round one of eliminations. Next was a 4.116-seconds pass over Eric McKinney and then a 4.109 to oust Nikie Corley from the semi-finals before finishing with the 4.09 against Davis.
His incremental times in the final round included a .056 reaction time, 1.022 to 60 feet, 2.709 to half-track (330 feet) and 4.096 at 175.25 mph at the finish line.
“I’ve got the easy job,” Owens insisted later. “Paul (Gast), he builds the motors, the guys back at the shop built me a great bike and all I have to do is get on and ride it. I promise you, I’ve got the easy job.”
Gast offered “a huge thank you” to all of his team’s sponsors, supporters and fans.
“Also, thanks to everyone that has offered so much praise and compliments,” he said. “I need a larger hat and Ashley needs a larger helmet. For sure, this feels good.”
Gast concluded by saying he’s always had confidence in his team and knew if he could team up with the best rider out there, then everything would come together in record-setting fashion.
“Ashley Owens. If you know him, then you already know; if you were at SGMP, now you know. I’ve always known.”

(ADRL Richards/Bunsold photos)
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