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2 Yellowbullet members were featured in a Dragzine article celebrating their recent win at 75/80.

I posted this in TOBT but they dont care enough about racing to appreciate this.

Doug Harris picks up the win at 75/80 Dragway
Posted By Matt Ebaugh On April 14, 2010 @ 10:17 am In News | No Comments
[1] Doug Harris launches hard in his Dave Kogan Hemi powered GTO. Photos: Brian Free

Over the past week there has been some interesting talks on the message board about an invasion that the Harris brothers were coming to 75/80 Dragway. This was the weekend that the track would hold its first Outlaw Pro Street race of the season and the new track surface would be put to the test. Just days prior to the first race of the year the racing surface was ground and polished which left some people skeptical as to whether it would hold 3000 plus horsepower on 10.5 tires.

Visit the tracks website [2] for a full schedule of events.
Well Saturday night proved all the of the skeptics wrong as the track proved to be flat-out awesome. The crowds flooded in to see one of the best shows the track has ever seen. The Harris brothers came down with a pair of Outlaw 10.5 cars. Doug wheeled his twin turbo GTO while brother Brad brought out his twin turbo Mustang. With the likes of Chuck Ulsch, Terris Hicks and the Crissafulli brothers in attendance – the competition would be tight. Off the trailer Doug put together a record run and career best all in one with a [email protected] Along with the tracks fastest run to date, Doug also had a career best sixty foot time of 1.08.
As qualifying was done Harris found himself on top, but being chased by the 02 Camaro of Chuck Ulsch. Ulsch had been a 4.46 and would have to turn the wick up a bit to keep up with Doug. The pair would ultimately meet up in the finals for a showdown between the twin turbos and the screw blower. As the two competitors did their burnouts and came to the tree the tension mounted. Harris and Ulsch staged them up and the tree dropped, Ulschs’ car broke on the line and Harris cruised to an easy win. Doug has also vowed to come back and reset the track record and take it back to Jersey with him. Stay tuned for all the action from 75/80 Dragway as things are going to get interesting.
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