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....this was posted on the Outlaw 10.5 b.b. :shock:

Yesterday, 01:49 PM
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Reply to George Klass


I am wondering exactly why George Klass is all of a sudden interested in our organization when in the very recent past he was disrespecting all of us on the FFW website.

I am not trying to be arrogant here but as you told me on the FFW website. "Go back and race with your 1/8mi mental midgets" as you called our organization on the website you represented

I honestly think that you should worry about that organization, and not ours. You have made it very clear that you want nothing to do with our type, or form of racing. (All of which you stated in writing on the other site if anyone wants to go a read it) You disrespected the complete ORSCA organization and now you are trying to tell us what would make a class in the ORSCA better. Look at the fans in the stands man! Which organization brings more fans to the gate? ORSCA or FFW?

I think that the ORSCA weight issue is great the way it is, and if anyone can't run Outlaw then they can always take the wheelie bars off, add a little weight, and run in our L/S class. I doubt that you would like that either though as you had plenty of negative comments to say about this class as well, and how stupid we all were to even consider racing without wheelie bars. (Again an attack on our organization as a whole, as well as personally to all the L/S competitors)

I am sorry, but I really think that this organization is great the way it is and these people actually make and enforce a set of rules for everyone. (No racers grandfathered in like you did in Pro 5.0 when you told me one thing, and then changed your mind on the Pro car my friend is building even though there is a racer building a car that even you didn’t know the wheelbase on.) My friend spent a lot of money to hire a chassis shop as well as an engineer to have the car designed, and started, and then having to go through it all over again to change the wheelbase because you will let one build the car whatever wheelbase he wants since the car was started before the rules were written. This kind of thing will never happen in the ORSCA. They will have the most even playing field there is.

There is nothing stopping any particular engine combination, so build what you think can win, make sure the car is the correct weight and don't cry about it when you are not competitive. The only person for the racer to blame is themselves for they designed and built the combination to begin with.

I doubt very seriously if you will ever see ORSCA make a rule that will allow flyweight cars to run in any class. This alone will help make the fields better because the racers don't have to spend as much on getting the car as light as humanly possible. There will never be any 2400# Outlaw cars.
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