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OTTA (Outlaw True Ten's)
1. Ride Height on Front-end - minimum of 4in

2. Front Wheel Drive Conversion allowed as long as motor does not touch
original firewall

3. Lexan Allowed

4. 29.5X10.5 S or Non S, NO W's allowed/Drag Radial Tires allowed not too exceed 315-60-15

5.STOCK FIREWALL AND FLOOR PAN to be welded from firewall to
behindnd the front seat (exception – We are waiving this rule to the Outlaw 10.5 cars that would like to run with us this season)

6. Hood scoops forward or backward all ok

7. Exhaust has to go from a minimum of 12in behind the centerline of front tire with the exception of Turbo's

8. Any Muffler ok

9. Aluminum Dashes ok

10. If Doors have sheet metal on them, cover it with carpet

11. Bolt on front suspension as long as it is in stock location

12. Removable Transmission Tunnel allowed

13. Must have steel quarter panels

14. Fiberglass front-end and Doors allowed

15. Factory appearing Headlights and Taillights

16. Wheelie bars allowed

17. No Dual Power Adders.

Class Base Weight's:

BB boosted-3250lbs, Turbos limited to 91mm

Blower – 3250 , No Screw Blowers

SB Bosted-3150lbs

V6 Boosted-3000lbs

5"+ Borespace n20-3200lbs

5" Borespace n20-3150lbs

4.84 Boespace n20-2950lbs

SB n20-2500lbs

-single carb -50lbs Nitrous Only
-conventional heads -50lbs Nitrous Only

Additional Breaks (for all combos):

NO Wheelie bars -50lbs

The tree will be set on auto start at all races

1 car per diver per race - points will follow driver

OEM Transmission only - no lenco, no bruno's, no liberty, no clutches etc

No Hoosier tire, part # 18192D05

16 car Field with 23 (2nd chance race for 17 -23) cars or less, 24 cars + will be a 32 car Field

No one is dominating the field so all cars are qualified for 2nd chance race

Rules to be re-evaluated after 2 races in 2011

Protest fee $200.00

Members Fee $200.00


Justin Curry 281-830-3430

Kyle Huettel 713-819-2241

Chad Revia 832-584-1468


Texas 8.5 - 2011 season Power adder
* Limit on 2 stages
* Single type power adder only
* Gasoline only (except roots type blower on alcohol)
Chassis and Body
* Any type suspension allowed
* Fiberglass hood, bumpers, front clip, doors, and deck lid allowed
* Door cars only
* Lexan OK
* Weight must be bolted or permanently mounted
* Full square tube chassis allowed
* Wheelie bars allowed
* Max weight of 3450 lbs.
* Min. of 50% of total weight on front
* Max rear sick 26 x 8.5 designations (9” as measured)
* Commercially available tires only no test tires
* OEM style transmission only
Weight and Combinations
* Small block single turbo 91 mm intercooled @3300

*Small block procharger F2 intercooled @3300

*Small block wedgehead nos 1 carb. @3000
*Small block wedgehead nos 2 carb. @3100

*Small block canted/splayed valve @3150

* Small block blower 1271 @3300

* Small block limit 470cid

*Big block conv. Headed 1 carb. @3300
*Big block conv. Headed 2 carb. @3350

*Big block pont./ big chief 1 carb @3400
*Big block pont./big chief 2 carb. @3440

*Big block blower 871 @3300
* Big block blower limit 1071 @3400

* Big block 10.2 deck @ 650 cid

Texas True Street - To run at Evadale

Mufflers (except turbo)
Rear DOT tires
License plate
1 Power Adder allowed

Current Inspection Sticker

Mike Bruce will take cars on a 5 Mile Ride in Evadale

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i dont see justinP's name on the flyer:smt102
ti thought he was the promoter?


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Well the Exhaust rule knocks me out. NOS car with front exit.....

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We will be revising the exhaust rule. This will not be a concern. Please join otta this season. We would love to have ya

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Thanks. I can't wait...
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