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So, here is my situation...

I have my whole top end, camshaft, induction... etc.

I have 6 BME rods with 3 passes on them, and I have a set of billet main caps.

I need to build a new short block... What is the best and most reasonable way to go.

I had a quote from Ohio Crankshaft for a Merlin Block, Billet Mains, Billet Crankshaft, BME Rods, Custom Pistons, O-ringed, assembled with hellfire rings... etc for $6650

Now the guy who used to run my car never ran billet crankshaft and said that you really dont need a billet crankshaft if you are only running 8k rpm and doing 25 passes or so a year with most of them 1/8th mile.

Would I be better off using my billet main caps, buy two new rods, a set of pistons... etc.

I would like to spend about $5000

Any opinions would be great...

As for the Rodeck I was building, turns out the block had some problems and just was going to cost me way too much to fix.

For a little more info, I am going to be running 11 to 1 and 35 to 40 pounds of boost.
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