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Opinions on how they are awarding rings at NMCA/NMRA superbowl

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I was informed today that the NMCA/NMRA superbowl rings will be awarded to either ALL NMCA class winners or ALL NMRA class winners. Based on total cumulative shootout wins ..

So basically. After all the winners of each class are determined. They will race the equivalent class winner of the other sanctioning body like alway.. However. If MORE NMCA cars win the shootouts than NMRA guys. ALL RINGS will go to NMCA guys, and vise versa..

I know I would be hate to be a guy who won my class, then won my shootout and did NOT get a ring..

Just curious to get some input from you guys on what your opinions are..
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Sounds like a bad idea to me. If you win your shoot out, you should win your ring.
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