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Yea, the tiny sheetmetal intakes sold under the 'Sniper' name by Holley are junk. Tiny runners and terrible angles. You're far better off with a single carb, or going with a tried and true cast tunnel ram. If you're set on the 2x4 setup, do some research... and it will go a long way. The Sniper is for the 'car show' and street rod crew.
Good Luck

I was looking at one and spoke to a racer here who is sponsored pretty well with Holley. Thought the intake and there Sniper EFI would be pretty cool for a streetcar. He came back and said "DON'T BOTHER WITH THE INTAKE, COMPLETE JUNK FOR THE BLING CROWD"

See about dumping it or cancelling the order for a restocking fee, you'll be better off. Maybe look for the matching AFR Titian intake!!!!
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