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you know ColostomyPlus.

Damn what a bunch of weiners over there. You take the time to poke some innocent fun, complete with extensive graphics, and all those codgers get their colostomy bags in a twist...

I hope this place isn't like that. I have thick skin and I enjoy poking & prodding in good fun, so I hope you guys have tougher manginas over here.

Now welcome me you schleps and prepare....:smt071
What makes you so phuckin special to have your own thread first time out. You must register in the Newbie thread thats a sticky before making posts like this. Your life is going to be a living hell here now.. and Satan is in charge!!! :smt118:smt118:smt118 what a phuck knob!! :smt082:smt082

Oh yeah.. welcome to
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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