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A community dedicated to Outlaw 632 racing.

Heads-up style with unlimited tire sizes and production automotive-type bodies. Nitrous is the only power additive allowed, and engine displacements are limited to 640 cubic inches. Smaller motors are given a weight advantage. 1/8 mile ET's usually are in the mid to high 4 second range.

Stock style and general shape car/ truck bodies
Must have mufflers
Must have working headlights and taillights
Must have engine diaper
Front extension not to exceed 6 inches from factory bumper
Courtesy staging and Auto Start will be in effect
Bye runs- Must take tree under vehicle’s power
Tech officials have final discretion on all rules on race day
Must race 1st round to get 1st round loss payout
All IHRA Safety rules apply
No split dominator/ carbs
EFI ok
No blowers
No turbos

Car with Driver Weights- 632 cubic inch limit (up to 640 ok)

632 Cubic Inch (up to 640 ok) 3000 lbs
Small block 2550 lbs
Naturally Aspirated No minimum weight

Weight deductions
1) smaller than 28x10.5 -50lbs
2) Big block conventional heads -100 lbs
3) Single carb -50 lbs
4) Single kit (No progressives) -250 lbs

This class will be kept as a 4.60+ class. Rules will be updated accordingly.
Does the 3000 lbs include driver?
541 - 549 of 549 Posts