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If this is for the conventional stage 6 (single spraybar) I have one currently on my car, have not hit it yet so I can not offer any real world info other than the tune NX provided me when I called.... This is supposed to be a 10 psi fuel tune.

100 - 57 - 41
150 - 70 - 52
200 - 82 - 57

Good luck, and please post back up and let us know how or if this works?

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I use the stage six plate on mine - the settings are actually:


On my old set-up, my car ran 10.50's n/a, but ran 9.60's on a 150 shot......worked great!

On my new set-up, my car runs 9.16 n/a and ran an 8.69 on a 150 shot so far.

This system is very easy to tune and is very consistent - I'm a big fan!:D

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thanks thor and nhayman. yes, its the conventional single spraybar. well actually you can't see the spraybar like the old spraybar type nx plates. the holes are integral in the center area on the plate, i assume this is a new plate design.

nhayman what type of fuel pressure are you using on your 100-150 shot? are you flowing your fuel system? also, how much timing are you pulling? is your motor mainly setup for n/a or built for nitrous? your car runs great.
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