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Nitrous Express - Era of the Diesel

282 inches of oil burning, nitrous huffing monster.

We started with a 282’ Davey Uyehara Chassis.

Here is a current picture. Waiting on a transplant from an upgraded "Duramax GT" motor. Quick rundown on the motor.

DuraMax 7.0 liter
Bullet Cams- 4.00” stroke crank
Crower billet steel Rods
Mahle custom pistons 4.125 bore
Total Seal Rings
MaxSpool Camshaft
GM-lifters, pushrods, and rocker arms
ZZ Custom Fabrication heads, custom porting, beryllium copper seats
REV-valves, springs and titanium retainers
ZZ Custom Fabrication- Flow bench work
ZZ Custom Fabrication-Sheet metal intake manifold
MWR-Custom oil pan
Curtis Halvorson-Billet oil pump
Custom Valve covers by S&T Steel
Industrial Injection-turbo, injectors and fuel pump
KPE-machine work and engine assembly
KPE-Dyno testing 1200 WHP

Possible one of the coolest and most important changes made to the driveline is thanks to Hughes Performance.

This is an XP5 powerglide. Here is a basic overview:

1.69 low gear
1.125 input shaft
Turbo 400 output shaft
Lock-up torque converter

We also add a .78 overdrive gear vendors behind this.

Here, you can see the spacer we had to add to make room for our LOCK-UP 310 mm bolt together converter, w/ serviceable clutch packs. Stall is about 4500 rpms with a 5 clutch disk lock up.

Very trick piece. We have very high hopes for this and we are very confident it will deliver.

We have a lot of very good people on board with this project. The plan as of right now is too be racing in march. I will continue to add as many updates and pictures to this thread as I can.

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Really looking forward to seeing this thing run, especially interested in how the trans works. Any chance you guys will make it to Phoenix (Speedworld) in March?

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Hey guys,

This is Clay with Nitrous Express... I will be taking over this thread as of today.. I will be creating a new username in just a few minutes so be looking for a new update soon!

Thanks guys

Clay @NX

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Is this the car that Emily is going to be driving.:)
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