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Camp Stanley said:
Jim Monson said:
Rules "announcements" or final rules and schedule? I'll bet we get some kind of statement before Stanton but nothing concrete. Sorry Camp. I just don't care any more.
We been friends awhile now and I understand that mistakes were made but the continuous nasty-ass comments get to me sometimes!
The 5000 fans at Milan that became 15000, the where can i sign up to race at the NMCA, the 200 heads up cars at MG that were only 100+ and the bracket cars, count the qualifying lists. I was there...
Makes me no never mind where half of these dipsticks who never even are going to front a car race.
Just that if you dont have something constructive to offer or a legitimate gripe then shut the phuck up! This comment is not geared to you, the idiots know who they are!
Lets just see if the NSCA comes through...
My money is on Tony!
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