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I love the NSCA, ever since dad and I made the decision to run street eliminator, and had the chance to meet some great people, see some awsome racing action...and be treated like we racers instead of just another number out in the pits.

for me I need the following:
1. stability. I am round the corner of 3rd base on my NPS build, I fully plan on racing all the NSCA 06 races as long as I can fit any rule changes. Yes we will be an underdog. but the people, the eviroment, the high level of competition makes me want to be there. But I have to know that for 07, if we bump up to a Hardesty 632, we will have a class to race in. or even be legal for that class. I have already herd rumors that Dart might be pulling 06' class sponsorship if the car counts suck.

2. contingency... rumors or not about getting the money owed to racers scares me. not that I plan on winning or not but I want to know that if I do I am able to get the money I deserve for winning.

3. monson's lower entry fee is cool with me

4. perhaps a ruling that can allow local racers join a class for a one time deal without having to join the NSCA. That way if they fit a class but will never race another NSCA race that year they dont get charged class entry fee and membership. By this ruling they would be able to race but would be awarded no points....

5. allow nitrous in american muscle so I can bring out a 2 car monte team in 07' ;) j/k we'll bring back the black in A/M soon enough.

6. more cars/more people.... no explination on a how too for this one. but Look at Milan friday night then look at the Faster and more diverse NSCA.... its kinda sad....
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