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What would make you come and race with the NSCA?

  • A: Stability of the rules

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  • B: More payout

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  • C: Cheaper entry fee

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  • D: Less classes

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  • E: More spectarors

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  • F: More central racing (Mid-West)

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  • G: One day event

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NSCA: What would you do to make it better?

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There is a lot of discussion about the NSCA and its future on this site. I would honestly like to know exactly what it would take to get the old racers back to this series and new ones to join in. I personally only want stability in the classes that I would race in. For me it sucks to spend a load of money only to be able to compete for a year or so.
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Well, a low car count like this is a great opportunity to clear the slate(kill all the classes) and start fresh with new fresh ideas for classes. Start with something that will attract spectators, whether it be racing Snow Mobiles, Jr. Dragsters with 2 cycle Turbo engines.

All you ever seen on the board is how many folks are going to show up and never do... it's almost like a conspiracy. I attended a Hot Street meeting at PRI that Tony put on as I was somewhat interested to see where the rules were going and if they might work out for me... Everyone there was on fire, talking full commitment "I'll be at all the races".... there was a full class there at the meeting. 2 of them have shown up for 2 races.

Real Street died years ago as the rules seemed to be an 'interpretation' rather than a mandate. The class looks somewhat promising last year as folks were racing in it but the deep rooted issues still existed, and when you have 5 cars qualify with 2 in the deep 8's and 2 in the 9's that's not going to work.

Those are the only 2 classes I can comment on other than the S/M blunder. You have a great turnout for class A, and poor turnout for class B. So you kill class A to fix class B? Class A worked and had a commitment. Class B had a very shy commitment....

Personally I don't think it's just the NSCA. I think the Economy is a mess right now, and our gov't won't admitt it. Things are just too shakey, and gas prices have almost doubled, which don't mean much for commuting to work but it means a great deal for anyone traveling across the country.

The OTHER problem is this:

We racers have done this to ourselves. 6 years ago My Dad and I could load up the car, go race and get blown out first round and just have a great time, good discussion all the way home and look forward to the next event.

Now, the playing field is so serious and the parts so expensive that we cannot go race for free.... which means we can only race for final round appearances. Now I have a maintenance list that costs so much $$ per race. Vavle Springs, Trans inspection and parts, new slicks every couple races, R&D to ensure that final round appearance..... there's just too much at stake not to have at least a guarantee of a final round appearance. And by a guarantee I mean THE CAR will do it, and it's just up to the driver, and crew to get it done.... that's where we're all at these days and that smells just short of professional racing folks. For the smaller time competitors who see their fellow racers going to this extent, it just kills the fun in it all and they know they have become fodder for the the final round guys.

Just some thoughts not meant to stir anything.
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You hit the nail right on the head!!!
That's all I gotta say.
Lets see 4 big tire classes? They have 4 10.5 tire classes which 2 of them are N/A. Seems to me that if they took there 4 big tire classes and made 1 they could have a larger payout. Same with the 2 10.5 N/A classes and the other 2 L/S & S/S.
My thought is...
1 big tire class
1 10.5 outlaw class
1 10.5 N/A class
1 Outlaw drag radial class
1 EFI class
1 AMC class
Now that the classes are cut in half raise the PAYOUTS.
I think Chris has summed up alot of the isues very well.!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would comment, but I am only a fan. I think everyone needs to look close at what others do to bring in the racers and fans. No need to copy, but a good working formula can't be ignored.
Fat Daddy, I want the input of fans. As a matter of fact the input on fans is just as important as the racers. Without fans we will not have racers!!!

Chris, thanks once again for an excellent post.

Everyone is more than welcome to comment on this post. I would hate to see the NSCA go away!! The only thing I can see that PRO does different than the NSCA is...

Less classes
More stable rules

Again to me stability is key!! I cannot justify building a $100,000 car to compete in a class that may or may not exist in a year or so... Or can I afford to get close to the top spot only to be blended in with another class. Stability is what kept us (Super Modified) from complaining about the fast guy (Jim Huber) for 4-5 years..
mike foulk said:
more BOOBS bouncing though the pits.
I agree!!!! :evil:
Karen was there :shock: .....she wouldn't look good with more than 2 :roll:
They tried it, it failed... course I was prayin' against it... sorry folks scantly clad women aren't going to do it. :-D
Now if we got Shakira and Salma Hyack in there.. We're in business!!! :-D
If Salma Hyack was there I wouldn't be able to get in or out of my car.......Too much wood......
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Ken Cooper said:
If Salma Hyack was there I wouldn't be able to get in or out of my car.......Too much wood......
Don't flatter yourself.. You're a white male!!!! :-D
Monty Mikho said:
Ken Cooper said:
If Salma Hyack was there I wouldn't be able to get in or out of my car.......Too much wood......
Don't flatter yourself.. You're a white male!!!! :-D
OUCH!!!!!!!!! I just hit my head on the keyboard!! LMAO :lol:
They say the funniest posts are usually the true ones.. LMFAO...
What the matter Monty, never heard, OR SEEN of an "ALBINO Python" now have you :shock:
Hey guys, 6 inches or 12 inches it's still wood. Come to think of it if it were 2 inches I wouldn't be able to get out of my car. Man I need to go on a diet!

Salma honey if your listening in on this conversation please give me a call! I show you what it's like to hang out with a real man! Not a bunch of high school boys!
Yeah Ken.. I told Salma to give you a call and read the board... :roll: :-D
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