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NSCA 2006 Super Street Rules, Revision 1

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Good luck...

Tom Cowle
There was a major re-do of the track a few years back, they did away with alot of the drop off at the end of the track. The New Track Owner (heck of a nice guy) is having the people that profiled milled Norwalk Raceway Park do the entire track this next spring. They are planning to do additional improvement prior to the 2006 racing season as well.

Track operators son filled me in on the whole dilly.

Tom Cowle
Thompson has been a NHRA track for a little while now, I don't know if its going to stay that way but it might depend on what Norwalk does.

Tom Cowle
MR. with what you wrote regarding "The focus will be on easy rules to get the locals to come out and play and maybe take out one of the few loaded guys that can go to every race".

With you saying that is there any thought of dropping the series points (or severly revising them) to accomodate this line of thinking? I think the points are kind of a joke in most classes, it looks like it boils down to who attended the most races won a championship for the last 3 years or so.

tom cowle
Jim (#1 nutlicker, or whatever your going by...JUST KIDDING take care of that blood pressure!!). Its not meant as a slam by any means, the classes that have the higher attendance numbers (AM, NSS, EFI) should be all means follow a point system where it pays to show every event. If you look at the attendance numbers of the classes higher on the food chain a 20 second Yugo could have placed as high as 2nd in points if they could pass tech and attend every race. Nothing personal.

4 points races should be counted and the finals should be worth double points.

Tom Cowle

Looking better MR.
1 - 5 of 80 Posts
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