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the setup is a SBF with the old novi1000 single belt system. would like to convert this over to the 2 belt setup, and I am having trouble finding any 100% answers regarding the swap.

Will a Vortech crank pulley work with the 1000 or only the 1200/1500? I see the 1200 & 1500 use the vortech blower pullies, but almost no info regarding the lowers. just from what I can piece together from misc forums over the years, I "should" be able to run the vortech underdrive w/8" 10 rib and a novi 2000 10 rib 3.5 pulley. this would leave me only needing a 10 rib tensioner.

can anyone confirm or deny these parts will work or get me close?

this is what I have found so far.....

if these parts will in fact work, what would you recommend for a tensioner(pt#)?

Thanks for any help!:p
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