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Thank you guys for coming through on this class. We have a good group that supports this class and has for 3 years now and im sure they will be fired up. Thanks to all that made this happen.
Donald & PUDDIN'
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Big ups to MONTE SMITH & THE HOLLY crew......i dont under stand why most YB guys are so hard on him because he is one hell of a guy
an always helping people out some kind of way...
He is a great guy.. Glad he stepped up to sponsor this class.. He didn't say shit about it 2 days ago... fuxer can keep a secret lol..

Are you guys still coming to hang out and watch me crush CAPPY like a ******* jack?:smt082:smt082:smt082
Helz ya !!!! You still feeding us???? I am bringing the whole crew this time.. 6 of us.. :cool:
1 - 2 of 117 Posts
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