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Thank you guys for coming through on this class. We have a good group that supports this class and has for 3 years now and im sure they will be fired up. Thanks to all that made this happen.
Donald & PUDDIN'
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I think in Oct. Brian Mcgee went a 4.68, Richards went mid-low 70's. We were # 3 with a 4.77...awesome jobs guys we had a blast in October!
I think all Ford powered entrys should get 500 lb weight break... heh heh
were trying to figure out how to stack another diffuser on the one we have to go 60's...any ideas?
I don't know what that is, But dammit I want one... It just sounds like you can pick up 3 tenths if you use it in a sentence before you make a pass..
LOL It's basically god's gift to a NOS plate...

the only thing better would have be tuned by Monte Smith ;)
didnt Magee go , at either your race or the civil wars 59 last year:smt119
.68 at Ducks October race...
yeah he goes low .70's high 60's at like a bijillion MPH lol thats an impressive car with a WHOLE lot of Fulton power.
TRADER! :mad: could always hook a certain NOS team up with a little "nitrous company help" to make it back down to GA :)
GOOD LUCK WITH THAT..........................................

LOL...we all know where your heart will always be..

He already is "hooking" you up with a set of M/T 315s that he owes you from October!
heh heh...your memory is better than mine i ALMOST forgot..i'm hoping he hooks me up with the "wolfe edition" 315's:-D but rumor has it we wont see any tires until we switch to an F3 procharger haha

seriously though Donald if you can make it happen than thats great man, if not no biggie we'll still support you bro.
1 - 10 of 117 Posts
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