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The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods return to MIR for the first of two appearances in 2010 on Saturday May 15th. This “Extreme Pro Mod Event“ featuring quarter mile racing will consist of two classes, Blower/Turbo’s and Nitrous. These Pro Mods can cover the 1/4 mile in the high 5 second range at speeds approaching 240 mph.

Last year’s event proved to be a huge success with the fans, and is one of the teams favorite track’s because of the track hospitality and great supporting fans, and this year will be even bigger and better. With the growth of the series come more competitors and greater competition, and many of last year’s competitors stepped up their engine programs to try and dip into the fives, both on the nitrous side and blower/turbo side.

Tommy Gray states...

“Our intentions are to run mid 5.80s. We ran a 5.90 last year at MIR and the car is capable of 5.80’s, and Royce and Team will have the track ready for these kinds of performances”
Drummond /Bradford Team continues...

“We’ve ironed out the chassis setup and expect to break into the 5s,
so blowers cars look out, were gunning for you"

Fred Scriba...
"We are capable of 5’s and expect to do it consistently, so we expect to challenge all comers and make a run for the championship"


Nitrous / Aspirated: Isaias Rojas, John Bartunek, Harold Martin, Ed Burnley, Jeff Blasi, Gary Courtier, Todd Fontana, Matt Deitch, Marc Hayes, Fred Scriba, Jeremy Hoy, Matt Suite, Jeff Rogers, Paul Woods, Brian Prins, Joe Dunne, Pat Musi, Vinnie DeMieri, Carlos Wells, Steve Assenmacker, Rich Shamling, Jeff Swaine, Tim Taub.

Blower / Turbo: Dina Parise, Andrew Parise, Jim Barker, Alfonso/Cannon Team, Steve Drummond, Tommy Gray, Pete Farber, Dave Hance, Steve King, Tim O'Hare, Frank Patille, Mark Pullen, Chris Russo, Fifi Montrond, Derrick Townes, Bobby Martin, Billy Gibson, Bruce Mullins, Gary Walker.

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