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Scott Sparrow wrote this

NMCA Unable to Reschedule QFT/NMCA Event at Bowling Green
We regret to inform you that the Quick Fuel Technology NMCA Muscle Car Nationals originally scheduled for April 30th - May 2nd at Beech Bend Raceway will not be rescheduled this year. The recent torrential rainstorms, resulting in massive flooding in the area, have created significant damage to the Beech Bend facility.
With the necessity to re-establish dates for numerous other events along with the NMCA, it will be impossible for the NMCA to return to Beech Bend this year without scheduling conflicts.
The NMCA is committed to returning to Bowling Green in 2011 and is currently working with the racetrack to move the race date later into the season.
Since the race will not be contested this year, the 2010 championship points system has also been affected, which now requires a revamping of the system as defined below.

Points will be accumulated from the NMCA events using the best points totals accumulated at 6 of 6 events. At the end of the season the class champion in each of these NMCA classes will be able to proudly display the #1 permanent numbers for the entirety of the 2011 NMCA season. Competitors in each class that finish in positions 2 through 10 in points receive #2 through #10 permanent numbers for the 2011 NMCA season.

Following the Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing a 100 point bonus will be awarded to every competitor who has officially teched in and earned points at all of the first Three Races.

The 2010 NMCA/EDELBROCK Drag Racing Series will feature a Three race regular season, followed by a Three race NMCA Race for the Rings Countdown. The fields for the Race for the Rings will be set following the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal in Joliet IL on July 15-18th. The Race for the Ring will consist of the top 16 points earning racers in each class following the Super Bowl event.

Bonus points will be calculated in the following manner.
Racers that compete in 4 of 6 NMCA events -100 bonus points
Racers that compete in 5 of 6 NMCA events -100 additional points;
Total of 200 bonus points.
Racers that compete in 6 of 6 NMCA events -100 additional points;
Total of 300 bonus points.
The total bonus points a racer can receive will not exceed 400 points.

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sure hate to hear that...our favorite track..
we spent the last of our cash to drive down last thursday..
just in time to find it cancelled..(shoulda paid more attention before we left..LOL..)
We are heart broke over the flood damage to the track..and peoples' home down south..

sure hopin' all goes well for the folks down there
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