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With the growing interest in the NMRA Coyote Stock class designed by Ken Bjonnes and Steve Gifford, how well would an LS based crate motor class be received for NMCA in 2013? The rules would be along the same lines as C/S since Ken and Steve put in a lot of time on the class structure and it appears to be drawing pretty good interest.

For an engine the class could use the E-Rod 375 engine sealed from GMPP.

Keep the same transmission rules as C/S on the manuals (Tremec-based only) while a TH350 with a transbrake would be the only manual allowed. The rest of the rules would be identical as far as tires, body modifications, suspension, minimum of a 10" diaphragm clutch, and a sealed tune for the computer. Keep the body rule too.....'55 and newer Chevrolet, Buick, Olds, Pontiac. For class sponsor we could look to Scoggin-Dickey, Mast Motorsports, GMPP, or even see if Strange Engineering wants their name on this one as well as Coyote Stock.

Ideas? Thoughts? Smartass comments? Curious to hear Ken Bjonnes' ideas on a spec tune for the LS engines.

PS: C/S Rules for ideas -
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